Time for a Cool Change


     That’s me smiling in the white apron. Okay. I’m exaggerating. Though, as a milestone birthday approaches, there are time when  I feel as if I’ve been a waitress since the days of white aprons and black dresses. And some of the young people I work with think so, too.  I betcha this waitress is wearing heavy hosiery, too. And that’s before panty hose. She is still smiling. Bless her heart.  

    This photo taken in a Chicago restaurant harkens back to the days of when only men were hired as bartenders, waitresses looked as if they cooked the meal as well as served it, and customers dressed in suits and ties. Way before my time, sure, but there are days when I feel like the grandma of the crew where I work. I could be.

    On the plus side, working with young people keeps me, as cliché as it sounds, young! Or at least pretending I’m young.  I stay in the know.   For example, I didn’t know if someone invited a person “to chill and watch Netflixs” that meant more than just eating popcorn and watching a movie. Who knew! There could be kissing involved. Not that anyone is inviting me to chill, but now I know. I learn a lot from the younger generation.

   Most importantly, I have remembered to keep an open mind. Young people take risks and make changes and move forward in life minus so many of the fears which plague us as we age.  I resisted making a change as simple as switching to a new blog. I was scared. 

     Then my  coworker, Michael, at work convinced me, actually nagged, me to set up a new blog page in a more accessible format.  You would think he was wanting me to swim the Nile river along with the crocodiles. Or something dramatic. 


   Michael set up my new blog this summer. It took me a few months before I felt brave enough to do anything. He kept saying he was disappointed in me that I hadn’t yet tried it out. That tactic worked. Thank you Michael.

     Michael just graduated from Arizona State University, and he will soon have a fabulous and prosperous career with computer programming, or whatever else he decides to do in technology.  I would have liked to make the blog pictures smaller, but I  don’t know how. I hope Michael will do some consulting for me,  even if I don’t see him every night at work anymore.



There is great beauty in change. Nature proves it each year and reminds us we must do the same.  No matter our numerical age, we can be like the trees and shed our old leaves and  trust in time new ones will grow. Sometimes we just need reminding.